THE perfect play place.

I’ve been to a lot of indoor play places, but this is literally the perfect one. It’s incredibly clean, and the layout makes it easy to watch multiple children at the same time. My favorite aspect is that the Elk’s Place is entirely soft play/climbing structures/jumping areas/slides, which is a refreshing contrast from the places that are just a room full of toys for the kids to squabble over. The bathrooms are clean and centrally located, which is incredibly helpful for me coming here with a potty-training toddler. They sell meal options like pizza, chicken, and fresh fruit, so you can realistically make the visit last an entire day. Coffee is available, and the seating area is nice and close to the play area, so parents can take a break too. And the final part of awesomeness? Your admission includes a trinket toy for the kids to choose on the way out the door, to prevent the inevitable tantrum of being time to leave.

Elaine Montleon