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SO clean and so much to do

We visited today and loves it! Everything was so clean and there was so much to do. We can’t wait to come back!!

Jessica Phillips

Clean, exciting and place where the entire family can play!

The Elk’s Place is amazing! It’s clean, it’s exciting, and it’s a place where the entire family can truly play. My kids have a four year age gap and they both had a wonderful time climbing and exploring together – my husband and I had fun bouncing on the trampoline, riding the giant indoor carnival slide and having a family foam ball fight, too!

Bryanne Figlia

Not too loud or bright

I do have to say my son who is autistic loves your place, it’s not loud and not too bright which is great for him, we went to check out the new place in the galleria, was too much for him we didn’t even get him in the door he refused, he can’t wait to come back down

Jessica McDevitt

We love it!

Very clean place. We love it! my kids and I had a blast on the slide:-) Mabrouk to the owner!!!

Kristie Johnson

Very happy with everything! All of the kids had a blast!

A big big shout out for the Elks Place in Harriman for hosting my daughters birthday party! I was very happy with everything all the kids had a blast:-) everything was perfect, cake-food-staff (wverybody extra super happy and friendly). Good job Elks Place can only recommend them!!!

Eva Sefer

No charge for parents or infants to enjoy!

Elk’s Place, this is yet another reason why you guys rock. Unlike the newest kids’ entertainment facility that recently opened in Middletown, you DO NOT charge for parents and infants to come and enjoy a day of play in your fun, clean and safe establishment. Thank you!

Vikki Hoffman

Definitely a memory maker

This place was amazing. I drove from scranton pa to find a place to take my young kids. (2 & 1) my boys never stopped for a second. They played for 5 hours no nap and was definitely a memory maker. The jnlimited play was great the ball room a blast. I wish more people knew about it. My only complaint was the owners kids were there…that wasn’t the problem the son was on his tablet in the climbing gym which attracted my kids which of course because they couldn’t play to started a melt down. But the facility was clean and inviting. They boys even got a prize upon leaving. Definitely will be going back!

Lanie Samsock

THE perfect play place.

I’ve been to a lot of indoor play places, but this is literally the perfect one. It’s incredibly clean, and the layout makes it easy to watch multiple children at the same time. My favorite aspect is that the Elk’s Place is entirely soft play/climbing structures/jumping areas/slides, which is a refreshing contrast from the places that are just a room full of toys for the kids to squabble over. The bathrooms are clean and centrally located, which is incredibly helpful for me coming here with a potty-training toddler. They sell meal options like pizza, chicken, and fresh fruit, so you can realistically make the visit last an entire day. Coffee is available, and the seating area is nice and close to the play area, so parents can take a break too. And the final part of awesomeness? Your admission includes a trinket toy for the kids to choose on the way out the door, to prevent the inevitable tantrum of being time to leave.

Elaine Montleon
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