Let our staff entertain your child for two hours, then come back to enjoy some quality family time and a healthy meal at The Elks Place!

Drop and Shop is strictly fun time for Elks and kids! Parents can go have their fun while their kids play and explore our indoor play center. Kids will have the opportunity to interact with Elko and Elka, as well as jump, slide, and play, all in our safe and secure indoor playground area under the supervision of our well-trained staff. This service is available only to children ages 4 to 14. All participants must be potty-trained. Each session starts every hour from 11 am to 6 pm and is two hours long. Each session is $25.95. Parents may purchase 10 sessions in advance for $207.60.

Reservation is recommended to be made a minimum of one day in advance to guarantee availability. Please call 844-355-7755 for more information.