There is nothing quite like a rainy day to put a damper on your plans, particularly with your kids. What was supposed to be a fun Sunday at the park turns into a lesson in patience as your kid bounces off the walls. Fortunately, at The Elks Place, we know that just because you are stuck inside, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Here are some of the best indoor activities you can do with your active child to keep you sane on a rainy day:

Set up exercise stations

A great way to get an active kid moving, even indoors on a rainy day, is to set up exercise stations in your home. Set up a safe place for your child to run some laps, and mark the path with several stopping points. At each point, have your kid do an age-appropriate exercise, such as jumping jacks, jump rope, or somersaults. This will help them burn some energy off on a rainy day.

Have a pillow fight

Do you remember how much fun a good old-fashioned pillow fight was at sleepovers when you were growing up? Capture this fun and spontaneity on a rainy day with your children. After you are done, create a pillow pile for an enjoyable, improvised trampoline.

Walk like animals

A fun game you can improvise with your children is to walk around like certain animals. From gorillas to turtles to kangaroos to crabs, there is an endless list of animals you could call out for your child to demonstrate. Not only does this get them moving, it gets them thinking!

Create an obstacle course

You can very simply create an obstacle course in your home using masking tape. Place the tape on your floor to guide your child through the obstacle course. This is an active game that also helps develop their critical thinking skills. You can also have your child create an obstacle course for you to go through.

Have an indoor snowball fight

You don’t need snow to have a snowball fight! You can use soft balls, crumpled up pieces of paper, bean bags, or stuffed animals as snowballs, and divide the room in half with one team on each side, dodgeball style. With a game as fun as this, your child will forget they are stuck inside all together.

Play hide and seek

This classic playground game can easily be played inside, and entertains for hours! Get ready to count to ten and search through all the closets, cabinets, and corners of your home.

Visit The Elks Place

The best option of all! Our indoor playground is always available for a fun and active afternoon, no matter the weather. Your child will love our dynamic play environment and tasty lunches and snacks. Not only that, you can opt for our Drop and Shop option, so you can leave your child in the care of our professional and experienced staff while you go and enjoy some shopping for yourself! Come into The Elks Place today.